Eventually this page will have a real review or critique…a guy can dream, can’t he? Until then, I’m gonna take what I get. Heh hehe heh heh…

A different kind of eerie. Not your ordinary light house, this one’s 90% under water and swimming with dolphins. (from All About Jazz re: “She Holds the Sea of Humanity in her Grace”)

“In the immortal words of Homer, “I haven’t a clue, doh!” Photoshop jazz, its the space between the layers…” (all about jazz re: “The Secret of Genius”)

Mr. Clemens:
Thank you for your interest but, I will have to pass on your new album. I’m an old-fashioned jazz fan and prefer some rhythm, melodies and good solos with my traditional jazz, none of which I found in your music.  Not a criticism (I am no one to criticize your music, I respect every artist and their work) just an observation that your music is designed for the more avant-garde/ free style audience than those who like the traditional/contemporary stuff. Accordingly, I don’t feel qualified enough to opine on your style and so I will pass. Good luck and the best  to you.

Hi Ray:
I went online and sampled the music, enough to realize that I am hardly qualified to comment on it, at least with any degree of intelligence or insight. I’m more of a straight-ahead guy, attuned to jazz from the 20th century, and especially big bands, which are my so-called area of expertise.


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