Series 1: Years In The Cage

“Series 1: Years In The Cage”
Dipped in madness, a tone poem dying of thirst arrives cradled by gods and goddesses alike. The celestial mind of jazz, improvisation, song, soul, neo, past…all things music. The type of journey where the music, doing as it likes, takes the lead in the selfishist of manners of reckless abandon…considerations such as genre, harmony, ear friendliness, tonality, and rhythm lay cast aside by the whims of the cruel mistress more formally known as “Series 1: Years In The Cage”. Somewhere between madness and manufactured reality is where this soul lies.

Work on ‘Series 1’ began in 2008, a simple song based off the slightly subtle sounds of a shimmering marimba. As I closed in on compositional finish line of glory, I realized this wasn’t a one and done. This was a piece of substance…whatever that means. The notion of ‘Series 1’ was born. All this time just a work in progress. My autobiographical madness, ‘Years In The Cage’ begins near the end of my first marriage, traveling through various stages of self-defined hell and self-denial healing. It wasn’t until early 2014, that the composition finally came to a resolving/revolving close.

album credits:
released 25 March 2014
music by: Ray Clemens
recorded, mixed, mastered
@ Lo-Fi Dub Sea
October 2008 – March 2014
Lo-Fi Records, Seattle, WA



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