When Earth Fucks With Space

Kewl in B&W

When Earth Fucks With Space is:
guitar – Jon Parker
drums, the clap – Max Holmberg
bass – Ray Clemens

Binary Whilte

Jon and I got back together after 2 years of radio silence. Right away we clicked in just like old times. Sound and feel. Out east there’s a drummer coming home for the summer. Shall we dance? Jon has only one condition, the name of the band…When Earth Fucks With Space. Sounds good to me!

Check out the album when you get a chance. There are 7 original tracks of music. And the session? Oh man, this was one of those magic sessions where everything just came together. Sound and feel. Very proud of this recording. Share it with the world if you feel like it. We’re certainly not going to stand in your way.

Where's the pre idiot?

As the departing began the departing. The realization hit that I forgot to take any pictures before the breakdown…it was the land of making it work. I had a few gems. Like using the t-ball stand to mic the guitar amp. Or how about using the bike repair stand as a boom? There was also the truing stand metamorphosis into the kick mic stand. I even did some cable cutting/soldering to make this happen. Inspired people, I’m telling you what.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the music!


2 responses to “When Earth Fucks With Space

  1. I’ve listened to a few of these tracks several times, each time with a different approach/attitude. They sound very different each time – I hear or feel something new. complex, intriguing, fresh, edgy, very unique!

    • Thanks for listening!!! It took us all summer to get to this point. During that time I listened to these tunes countless times, and like you, came away with something different each time. Listening to the recording it’s the same, all one more, one more, and even more…like a choose your own adventure except you’re not choosing as much as your being manipulated by the complex nature of the music.

      Maybe we should do a holiday album next, you know…the gift that keeps on giving! I jest, I jest…ah!

      Once more with feeling, thank you for listening.

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