A little time, a lot of pass.

Marti’s 3rd birthday was last week. We had an awesome par-tea (tea party). Enjoy these pics…they are all awesome, if I do say so myself.

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May 3 was the date of my last blog entry. Although I’m compelled to apologize, I will politely refrain…for the method behind the madness is condescending, stark, and strong. I can’t say that I’ve had nothing to say for the last 3+ months. Those who know me outside of the binary world know that I’m rarely without anything to say.

So…what the deuce then, you say? There’s an old Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey song called “Good Energy Perpetuates Good Energy”. That pretty much spells it out. If good perpetuates good, then bad energy can only bring on one thing…bad energy. Pretty similar to a little something most of us were raised hearing ad nauseam – If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Again, I implore thee…what the deuce?!?!?

Around the time of that last blog I was getting ready to perform at the University District Farmer’s Market. It was a great show…tons of fun. Also going on during that time was the deteriorating of our training, our team, and our desire to ride. In the end, Elyse and I decided to throw in our respective STP towels. Following that was about 3 months of nothing but complaining in my head…fucking relentless. Worst part – it was self-generated. There was no need to share that with another person, much less a group of persons. Complaining/griping/whathaveyou compels those around to complain outwards to the world. There’s also the damage I was doing in my own mind.. Complaints from harmless to destructive…it all sucks the life and happiness out of me. Alas….I cannot turn off my complaining functions…perhaps someday….until then, the goal is simple – keep my dark shit to myself. Even if it means another 3 months sans entry le blog.

What's that, Momma?

I complain too much, always have. It makes things worse…its an impressive bipolar trigger.

Alright…that’s all I got. Enjoy the pics. Happy 3rd birthday, Marti!!!


4 responses to “A little time, a lot of pass.

  1. Thanks for a great blog and great photos !! We all complain too much. It matters not a bit to those of us who love you.

  2. Love the pictures and your blog. I agree with your mom, all of us complain. I can get really down on myself and have here lately until on day a couple of months ago I told myself, I have too much to live for and feeling sorry for myself was making me and everyone else miserable. I decided so etching good was going to happen that day and it has been happening every day since. Ole watching you and your precious family evolve. Love Aunt Cindy.

  3. Well this one was worth waiting for… looks like tons of fun! Thanks for sharing… wishing I had braved the crowd. So glad Marti has special grandparents close by to enjoy and keep her spoiled. Hugs…

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