A little out of practice…

I guess we’re all a little out of practice.

Marti Loving Misha

We went to the Seattle Bike Expo on Saturday. We had so much fun! And I finally got to meet Ruby….ooooohhh. This year we rode our bikes, and we couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of…this was a gem of an early March day. Beautiful days, being sparse as they are in the Pacific Northwest during these rainy times…these dark and rainy times stretching on ad nauseam. I don’t complain, I love it here. I love it when in rains. I relish any opportunity to take on the darkest of greys during an unbearably short amount of…well, for lack of a better term…daylight.

Pretty in the park

It’s really not that bad. Ebb and flow is the way it goes, sometimes your moon is full other times it’s new. Let’s just be clear that up Seattle way, folks do not miss a nice day. This day was a day like any other…sunny and beautiful, that is. People were out by the masses – a bunch on bikes (some going to the expo, yes), even more people out on foot, and all the folks driving not paying attention to the suddenly inflated numbers of cyclists and pedestrians.

To be fair, we weren’t really paying attention as much as was warranted. I guess we’re all a little out of practice. Like the time I swept too wide on a pass and one of the trailer tires jumped the sidewalk. Sidewall scrapping along the side of said sidewalk ground me quickly to a halt. While it was Elyse’s front tire hitting the back of Marti’s trailer that helped her to a sudden halt.

Finally, somewhere where she can drink her water in peace.

Most trails I’ve ridden in Seattle are shared bike and pedestrian. No big deal as far as I’m concerned, we’re all outside to have a good time. Fuck us if we can’t take a joke. If you can’t take the pedestrians, get on the road. On nice days your bike ride will be slowed as you approach pedestrians. We have bells on our bikes to let our presence be known to those around us, bike and walk alike. On our way to the expo, we ring the bell and the folks ahead look around in wonder…”what a lovely bird!” That’s okay. I guess we’re all a little out of practice.

Wait till she pulls out the shell game.

When the bell doesn’t work, it’s time to result to calling out signals while risking sounding like a hipster cyclist from Portlandia…or a team kit wearing asshole. But hey…in the spirit of full disclosure, you can see pics all over this blog of me in various jerseys. There’s a time and a place, and not a damn thing wrong with it, if that’s your thing. Or visa verse. Anyway, I call it out after a dingy dingy, “On your left” a group of 3 spread out to take over the entire path.

Calling Mommy all morning.

While passing through the waterfront area, after which we’ll rejoin the bicycle trail at the bottom of Olympic Sculpture Park. This best part of our ride to the expo…after we get to the trail. There’s a light crossing, using a cross walk, to bring you out to the right side of things. After waiting for the light to change, I jumped in the saddle and started on my way. Only I have to throw an all-stop on my bike and Marti’s trailer. Some guy didn’t see us and was going to turn left on red (legal at that light) and sure as shit seemed like he was going to hit us. But he didn’t. He stopped his vessel and I stopped mine, in the end the only damage was me getting super pissed off and yelling across the intersection at him after we safely crossed the street. Something about “…fucking moron…!”

I will take your fucking picture. I tell you!!!

I guess we’re all a little out of practice. Me too.


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    • Thanks, Dan. These are all iPhone pics…not quite as easy to get a good pic as my other camera, but much easier to lug around.

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