Hotty Flatty Dreamin’

While waiting for the ferry (both out to Bainbridge Island and back to Seattle) among the mass of chilly cyclists there was talk of warm weather and flat roads. I’m not sure what the attendance was, but I saw bib numbers in the 6,000’s. **update! the official attendance was 4,100**

But wait…what is this I see? Do our eyes play trickses on us or is it…? They do not.

Yet another lovely of my lovely

Why hello there! Tell me, what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? Suffering? Oh yeah, me too. And all these fools…

I really enjoy bike rides via the ferry. The start of the ride is when your wheels hit solid ground. It’s fun. That’s how we did our trip to Lopez Island earlier this month. Enough about that… It’s time to talk Chilly Hilly!

Crowd shot 1

The Chilly Hilly is the start of the cycling season here in Seattle. And what a start it was. The 2,675′ of elevation gain were brutal…every single one of them. It was a challenging 33 miles. It’s not like 2,675′ is an elevation of such great heights…an epic battle not meant for mere mortals. No, it was fun and rewarding. If I could use one word to describe the ride: Slogisfying.

Group shot 2

These group shots are not of all the participants, just the ones on our ferry. There were a few different ferry times to choose from over the course of the morning. Don’t let those blue skies fool you…

On the ferry.

Once we got the ferry, the insanity of the entire situation began to slowly sink in. This was group suffering at it’s finest. We all had that one screw loose…the one where the name of the ride is sexy and a must do. Wait for it… Chilly Hilly. BAM!

Up and down we go.

I’ll say it again… Wait for it…wait….for…it… CHILLY HILLY. If they would’ve served Kool-Aid, each of us would’ve had some. But wait, they did serve Nuun…and hot apple cider!

On the main manin a mina shie

These pictures are all still outbound. I took a bunch of pics before we started, then barely took the camera out of the pannier for the rest of the ride. I’m sure the combination of being cold and a little preoccupied with slogging it out didn’t help matters. I think it’s a good sign, too. Start slow, finish strong. If there was excess energy for taking pics towards the end, well then perhaps I didn’t leave enough out on the road…

Our rides.

These are our rides rolling Sound style. We are tied up with ropes that are actually there to tie your bike to. I love that. I really get a kick out of anything foreign housing a bike use thing. Like the bike racks on the front of the buses.

Slog Monsters!!!

Watch out for the Slog Monsters!!! I’m telling you, these kids were fucking pumped for what was about to go down…er…up. Kevin’s a member of our Meetup group. We met last year at the Cascade to Crown.

Grace & Ease, I tell you!!!

Here we are at the halfway point. Like I said, a bunch of pics before the ride, a couple in the middle, and that’s all I took. That’s alright, sometimes I love existing sans lens.

It's only a number, c'mon son.

The beautiful thing about a ride like this is that spirits may not be broken, but they will get chipped, dinged,  and scratched. In a word, flawed. At the end of the ride, while waiting for the ferry to take us back to Seattle a scanning of faces told the tale of leaving it all out there…either by choice or forced reality. Even those joking around, everyone had the battle worn look on their faces. What an awesome sight. Once on the ferry, as the warmth and sense of accomplishment gained momentum, the spirits lightened. Some slept, some drank beer, conversations picked up while laughter came a little easier. Victory was ours.


In the end I paid tribute to the number I wore. This was supposed to happen on the ride, but it was too cold to stand around taking pictures. Once while waiting at the top of a hill I took a safety break. This guy rolls up as I’m finishing, “is that a smoke?!?”



4 responses to “Hotty Flatty Dreamin’

  1. Awesome photos again, especially of Elyse. I love all that energy and color in the crowd shots with the gray skies overhead. Perfect illustration of the spirit of the Northwest overcoming the reality of the gray weather.

  2. You both look so happy. I love photos of Elyse smiling like that. Someday I want to head out there and ride with you. But what bike would I use? Certainly not ship my busted but trusty Free Spirit (whose freewheel, hubs, chain, and crank were all messed up recently). Gargh. Anyway, this ride sounded awesome, and I’m really glad to be able to witness it a bit through your blog.

    • There’s a really nice community shop that rents out bikes super cheap. But…if you wanted your busted trusty to ride on, I can always fix what ails you.

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