3 days ago…

Life seemed so simple, serene, sultry…now what is that, salty? A salty sultry way of being…ew….

Here’s my sometimes clean, often greasy, and always educational bike workspace. Somehow I managed to take over the dinner table and surrounding general dinner area. I never want it to get out of control, but it does…every single time. This includes before 3 days ago as well as after 3 days ago…and let us not forget 3 days ago. Three days ago to be certain. But wait! I was going to show you my workspace. Alas…

Cohen stands guard at my side...ever the sidekick.

My boy, Cohen (à la Avishai) basks in the glow that are my many failed attempts at zenning out while doing the bike work. I love working on my bike. I like working on other bikes, too! Love it as I do…and cherish the opportunities to crank down on my ever breaking beast…there are times I wished shit just worked. Okay. That’s enough of that…

Do you know what a free hub is? I’ll give you a hint…it’s not some crazed swinger orgy. Perv…

A free hub is what broke on my bike when we were cycling Lopez Island last weekend. I like to say that every ride is a shakedown, because something seemingly breaks on every fucking ride. This time it was the free hub. Basically it allows my bike to coast as well as engage the rear wheel. It stopped engaging….wiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr! With nothing to show for it.

The free hub

Looks fine, right? That’s because the shit that breaks is on the inside. That beautiful screw takes a 10mm hex wrench and attaches the free hub to the hub. Thanks to Davey Oil and the new fella (sorry I can’t remember your name) at Bike Works for helping me out and getting me set in the right direction. I decided to pillage a free hub from a used Shimano hub…Bike Works sells used components ridiculously inexpensive…

It wasn’t the easiest fix I’ve done, but it was particularly challenging for a variety of reasons. My inability to grasp any sense of the zen inner bike mechanic pretty much sealed the deal… Nothing harmed, nothing ruined. I said it was challenging, not defeating.


3 days ago I didn’t know what a free hub. Today I finished replacing my busted one. I’m pretty pumped.

Next is Elyse’s bike. We are replacing her down tube shifters with thumbies. We forgot ferrals and came up short on the cable housing, a quick trip to the bike shop will take care of that.

Now with Marti freshly put to bed…I bid you a fond farewell. It’s time to be with my lady.



4 responses to “3 days ago…

  1. You are amazing… you start bike riding and look at where it has taken you! Climbing higher… knowing all about it; inside and out! Love you…

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