Lopez Luvin’

Ferries are super cool and cheap and all, but must they always be at water level when the rest of the (is)land is, lets just say not at sea level? Most of the ferries I’ve ridden have a bitch of climb right out the gate. It makes for a quick warm-up and early inner questionings as to whether this ride was a good idea in the first place. And exactly whose idea was this ride, anyway?

Redressing after the post ferry climb.

That’s right folks, my lovely. She drew a card from a deck supplied by Dr. Gottman, and went on to plan a romantic weekend away. She’s always wanted to ride Lopez Island – the least hilly of all the San Juan Islands. Still it has its climbs and they roll nicely. Above you’ll see Elyse overheating after the climb from the ferry.

In a cold sweat!

I wasn’t overheating…I was cold. I guess you’ll have that.

Grace and ease with serenity backing

In the lower end of Lopez Island. Calm, serene, chilly, and a little disconcerting. I felt as though my chi was getting fucked with. From there we wandered around the other side of the island before coming into Lopez Village to stop and eat dinner before heading back to the ferry, back to the hotel, etc.

Clemens...party of 2....

There is bike parking all over Lopez Island. How cool is that? I read in a bike tour guide that limited dining options are available. Yarp, there was but one. Sure there was more than one, but our other choice just didn’t roll off the tongue, “romantic getaway dinner juice bar festivities”. Mmmmm….steamy.

Where's the shaving cream and warm water?!?!??!?!

Here we wait for the ferry while the worst of Elyse’s dinner choice is making her pay. Now, perhaps a juice bar probably sounds like the better choice. Ah well…shit. We each had an alcoholic beverage (just one…not a big deal) and some very flavorful seafood…a dinner perhaps better flowed by a car ride than our butt hurt fer sure trusty bicycles.

Wait…is she okay?

The mindmeld complete, Elyze-zupreme now reigns supreme.

Oh yeah. She’ll be fine.

Marti's Sooner Schooner!

We woke up early this morning to get to the Seattle Bike Swap. It wasn’t the throngs of tandem rich loot I was looking for, but you’ll have that. All in all, it was pretty great. We were rather successful…Elyse got her long longed for bike shoes, we got a set of wheels for the tandem, and we got that beautiful Radio Flyer (Boomer Sooner Special Edition) you see there for Marti. She loves it. I think she wanted to eat her dinner on it even. Nice.

Wonderful, amazing, tranquil, excited, exhausting, invigorating, frustrating, starving, Zenning, freezing, soothing, nauseating, beautiful, romantic weekend….just like us. I couldn’t have dreamed it up better myself. Thank you, my love.


6 responses to “Lopez Luvin’

  1. Awesome. I’m glad you had as great a weekend as we did. Not only are you and Elyse awesome so is your daughter. Thanks.

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