Waiting for an idea

Lately I’ve found the more I learn about the care, repair, and inner workings of these glorious machines we call bicycles, the more items show up on the shopping list. Not your average shopping list like chain lube, chamois butt’r and so on. This list is for the big (fun stuff) – tools, parts, and stands…oh myyyyy! It’s okay to get a little pervy, but only a little. Keep yer pants on and wait for the que de cue.

Shadier Grade de Blanc

With knowledge comes responsibility. You know that’s right. I gotta keep these bikes in optimal operational condition. It’s a good thing, too – I really enjoy myself working in and out of these Zensational conditional realities. However nothing sends Zen screeching to a halt like the realization you can go no further with the tools/supplies you have. These things are usually expensive, plus you have to get past the enlightened ones holding said tools/supplies. Don’t make eye contact… Shirley, I jest. For every jerky bike shop, there is another that brings bikes and happiness to their community, like Bike Works.

Too Fast to Capture

Regardless…enough with the babble! The time has finally arrived. I needed a repair stand. Okay, sure there are varying degrees of need…but that’s a little personal and not at all objective. I can rationalize all day and all night!! Just ask me about….well all sorts of shit. Oh well, okay…without further furtiveness.

As you wish...

There she is. She’s the one in blue. I’m overhauling Elyse’s rear hub. All the while the stand holds her bike in mid air…breathtaking. The plan was to build a DIY bike stand I saw on a number of sites. I’m no stranger to DIY…some of you may remember the wheel truing stand I made. Here is what I speak…

The full monty...spokey...wheely? The whole shit and kanoodle!

This bike stand looked promising. The price range of the parts listed at $25-30…that’s why I was going to do it. You can’t beat $30 for a bike repair stand. But when I got to the checkout the total was more than $70. $70?!?!?! That’s a $40 swing. Speaking of $40, that’s the difference between building my own and purchasing a solid workhorse. So one thing led to another…Elyse had a thought…another thing led to another another…I got this kick ass bike repair stand.

Through the spoken wheel.

Speaking of Elyse… She gets the photo credit for this blog. Awesome pics, Elyse. Thanks for your eye in all its glory.

You may go ahead and remove your pants now…



10 responses to “Waiting for an idea

  1. Awesome blog. I left my pants on however. So glad you got the bike stand and let us all see you working on the bike. Thanks Elyse for the awesome photos.

    • Thanks!

      Her photos really were awesome. I might lose my job if I don’t keep my eye sharp and the subject well lit.

  2. Hey Ray, nice to see you again. I’ve been missing you. It’s super impressive that the Martician was nice enough to let you have some time to play all by yourself. Precious moments like that don’t happen very often. Glad you got to enjoy! Very cool bike repair stand… awesomeness!

    • Martimer was busy clamoring for her Mom’s attention. Martierious always gives me space when Mom is home! Seriously, I go from the most interesting Dad in the world to the least interesting other parental figure when Mamma Bear is terra firma ina homa.

  3. I love the way you’re doing your bike repair in the kitchen! Now, just don’t leave that glob of grease on the Martician’s plate – no doubt she would try to eat it … or feed it to the dogs! Great blog!

    • Thanks! I’m actually working in our eating area…the kitchen isn’t big enough to have my set-up and well, anything else. And I dig get grease/grime all over the kitchen table (should I be calling it the eating room table?). Elyse discovered the magic erasers work great for bike grime! Who knew?!?!?

    • Thanks, Sara! You’ll get there…I went over 2,000 miles last year before my first flat. Maybe you won’t have to worry about it. 🙂

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