So…who wants to visit???

The day is nearly upon us. In just matter of hours, Marijuana will be legal in the state of Washington. Wow. I was starting to lose hope…I didn’t think it would actually ever happen.

Burning Embers of Freedom

But it did, and I couldn’t be happier! Things won’t be changing for me, I’m a mmj patient…still I couldn’t be happier about what is happening. Pretty happy about it. Starting to sound like Tebow, “I’m really excited. I’m excited. Really, I’m excited. Hey guys…can I play, too? I know I can’t throw, but still… Guys…. Guys? Assholes. Jesus… Jesus? Really? You, too? C’mon, Sanchize fucking sucks! At least I’m better than him…right? Guys? Jesus? Guys? Fucking hell.”

Teapot Party to POTUS

Just to bring everyone up to speed…weed is still illegal federally, but as of midnight tonight (DECEMBER 6, 2012) it will be legal in Washington state. The people have spoken…and they say they want the sticky icky. And the feds are pissed…not so fast, my feds, it’s a tricky situation.  But wait there’s more… Fucking United Nations (FUN) tried to apply some pressure for the federal government to stop both Washington and Colorado (also legalized…don’t know specifics) from legalizing marijuana. Crazy. Fucking UN(FUN). Who cares? I don’t. What’s that quote about change…~10% of the people is all you need to bring about great change…maybe. Anyway, we have momentum on our side. And a lot more than 10%!

The local powers are being really cool about this. In the weeks after the initiative passed, before it went into effect, King County (Seattle +) released over 200 marijuana cases. Other counties in the state have done similar things. The state has a year to put together a system for grow/sell/buy in a format similar to a state-run liquor store. If the state fails to come up with something in the next 12 months, the initiative goes by the wayside. I don’t think that’s going to happen. They’ve got a great blueprint to start from…and the right folks on the job.

SPD Blotter

The Seattle Police Department has put together an educational page about marijuana. It’s wonderful. So good in fact, that I urge all of you to check it out. Did you catch that? I, Ray Clemens, had something positive to say about police propaganda. Or is it propaganga??? I still have the urge to yell “fuck the police!” every time I drive by a police station….or ride by a police car. Wow…one must pause and pontificate what happened to ones maturity at a time like this. Even still. All of this…and I still highly recommend visiting the page. Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle

Want another reason? Here’s the video they put at the bottom of the page to wrap it all nice in a bow.

I’d like to also point out that gay marriage becomes legal at midnight tonight, as well. There are couples getting lined up all over the state to get their marriage licenses at 12:01 AM. The first weddings are in 4 days. So cool, so very cool.

It’s difficult to put into words, these unmixed emotions… As the owner of my dispensary of choice put it, “It’s what we’ve all wanted since high school.” Silly and simple, but also true. Not for everyone, of course not, but nothing is for everyone. Imagine not having to close the blinds and lock the doors every time you want to partake…I can’t even imagine that. The same open container laws for alcohol apply to marijuana – although the SPD said the focus remains on open liquor containers and not open marijuana consumption. So…what this means is you can walk outside and light up. Worst thing is you get an open container citation…unless you’re carrying more than an ounce of weed (legal limit per person). That’s certainly what it sounds like.

But what about ME?!?!?!?! The cries of the many that live outside the state of Washington can be heard throughout the Sound. Fear not, all you gotta do is cross state lines and you too can toke the smoke of that sweet sweet marijuana without fear. I’ve seen the town of Vancouver, WA – just over the bridge from Portland, OR – referred to as Vanksterdam. Just think about what this could mean for the tourism industry. So…who wants to visit???

I’ll be up and smoking tonight to experience the moment.  Any localites wanna celebrate, get at me! Tomorrow we’re doing a celebratory ride around West Seattle and Georgetown. The ride starts ~4:30pm (click link for info). All are welcome! I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you what time we’re gathering….right? Wait for it….wait…for….it…

Alright, people. Let FREEDOM ring!!!
Happy weeD-Day, y’all.


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