la Vie est Dure

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, a behind the scenes peek into what makes for a loving and compassionate parent. Yesterday, the day in question, shall be this day for the remainder of all eternity.

This day was going along like any other…except that we were throwing up the holiday decorations. It was a fantastic time had by all. Things were going along smoothly…no, better than that…damn right down smoovely. Everyone was full of that holiday spirit…we’re talking fucking Normal Rockwell family fun here.

Then…the inexplicable whine and pout make a special guest appearance. It’s okay, we’re only human…her too. I’m not attached to her emotions…I can keep my head above the flooding water of her tears. Always searching for my next enlightenment merit badge, all the while striving to keep up my “Father of the Year” campaign I turned to Mart and asked, “What’s wrong with your head?”

This Marti meltdown happened next:

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Please hold your applause until after all awards are presented.

Thank you and enjoy the show!.



5 responses to “la Vie est Dure

    • This is how Marti is…in all her wonderment. Perhaps partially a bit of this and that, but most certainly 100% Martimer the Great.

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