She loves a good Grambear – Aqaurium Adventures

Better put on your brave face.

Well… Mom had her brave face on for she was showing Marti how to touch the fish – not so much the favorite pastime of said Mom. Marti, as you can tell, wasn’t that impressed by the heroic gesture.

Grandma Stevie, on the other hand, was super-duper excited. She was PUMPED!!! We got to watch the tide pool petting zoo getting fed. Yum yum…YUM!

Speaking of pumped this finally got Marti into the giving-a-shit-zone. Watch out for the dreaded Martielly Fish! She’s dangerous…unless beached, the she’s prone to punks poking parts that need not be poked. Oh the life of a beached jelly fish.

You might remember some of my bike mechanical drama from late summer…perhaps the most recent mechanical drama lurks in the corners of your mind. I remember them each, starting out with heartbreaking anguish and ultimately ending with pride in victory. I rather enjoy the drama…from time to time.

Isn’t this an amazing picture?

Needless to say, I’ve broken another spoke. ARGH! That’s 2 spokes in under 200 miles. I took my wheel to a different shop to get another new spoke…more than one. The shop guy looks it over and starts talking about shit machine-made wheels that comes with most ‘bikes off the shelf’. Everything he said made sense, as should be with a good salesman. It basically came down to stock wheels are shit on most affordable bikes. For clarification of what an ‘affordable bike’ might be, a Surly Long Haul Trucker ($1200) is right up at the top of that range…

I guess I need new wheels. Other than that, I’m not really sure what to do next. Continue with the research and try to come out in a place above and not under… It’ll come together in good time, thus is the way it goes.

You might have noticed these wonderful pictures… We had the ULTIMATE pleasure of having Grandma Stevie staying with for a fun visit. She flew home earlier today and everyone is a little bummed she’s gone. You know what that means, right?

It was a good visit.



4 responses to “She loves a good Grambear – Aqaurium Adventures

  1. Love that Stevie was here and had a great visit. It is wonderful to see Marit in similar poses as Stevie!

  2. Trip gen photos! I love it. I remember that otter bench. My mom and I went to the aquarium when we were in town for your kickass wedding. Go, Marti! Touch that otter’s mouth. It wants you to.

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