Sans us of course


It only takes a moment to change everything. Not just any moment will do though. Sometimes the power lies within us to create our own moments, while other times the power lies within us to stop at nothing to prevent ourselves from creating our own moments. Catch that?

I don’t remember this beautiful girl’s name…she owns a friend of a friend.

Welcome to the Martifluence. She lures everyone she comes into contact with (sans us of course) into a false sense of security because something so precious could never do anything wrong. Like flood a major metropolis with soiled diapers.

Ever the multitasker. Like here soiling a diaper for the previously mentioned plan and…she’s doing some research…said she’s planning on making glass. In this creepy voice…bone tingling chilly. Down right spooky.

Luckily her anchor keeps her anchored. Me too.



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