Bwari pload a nuncy efders.

It’s been a while since my last post, and yet so little has happened. Perhaps it’s more that I haven’t taken pictures of anything since my truing stand post. With nothing much to say and even less to shoot, there’s a good thing I have some B-role to help sustain you during my void. As if you needed sustaining…

These are from the Ride Oregon collection.

I made it a point to try to capture a few family shots on this trip. With great success…if I do say so myself.

Some of you may already be familiar with the following.

How about Stone Henge in Washington? I had no idea it existed until we passed the sign for the turn-off. Luckily for us all I’m pretty persuasive and we ended up taking the turn to check it out. I’m not going to lie…it’s weird. Pretty creepy, in fact.

Forget about the creepy… More family photo fun! I do love family photo fun.

My beautiful wife looking strong amidst a recreation of a rock-n-roll classic.

Ah….ladies, ladies, ladies!

My graceful beauties. You take my breath away. Sometimes in a bad way, like there’s an elephant on my chest or an aboriginal spear puncturing my lung stuck between two ribs. But that’s only sometimes. Mostly it’s in a good way like first seeing the ocean after days of desert driving or when you catch your loved one’s scent by surprise. Mostly.


2 responses to “Bwari pload a nuncy efders.

  1. AWESOME family and awesome blog post. And, by the way, your blogs and photos are part of what sustains us and yes we need it! Keep em coming. Please.

  2. I love your girls! Definitely admiring those family shots – 3 peoples, 2 dogs… all picture perfect. Masterful Ray!

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