The Doraline Complex

A few weeks ago I hit (and passed) 2,000 miles in the saddle for the year…er since March. Oh  yeah. I’m pumped. Not when I bought my STP ticket, not when I got the computer, or even after I completed my first metric century did I think I would ride 2k miles in a year…much less a lifetime.

There’s been a mighty ebb and flow in strength and endurance over recent months. One ride I’m a fucking rock star, while the next I’m changing urinal cakes in the green room for said fucking rock star. A number of things can go into how and why this happens including nutrition, hydration, and sleep. There’s also depression, which – surprisingly to me – hinders my performance both mentally as well as physically. Don’t cry for me Argentina, I’m just laying the foundation of a prelude.

While in Oregon the rides pretty much sucked in terms of body fun. It was a relentless slog…soul crushing slogging (you know what I’m talking about). My spectacles being a darkish shade of grey recently seemed to have as much to do with it as anything else. So I slogged through it wondering where I had fallen out of shape in the previous few weeks. Marti must’ve gone through a massive growth spurt. The iPad stays at home from now on!

Back home, we had to cut our ride short by….oh, I don’t know…30+ miles, was it? So hard to keep track of these things. I couldn’t take it any more. I had lost my legs and was really unsure if I’d be able to do the short (downhill) ride back to our car. How did it happen? Slogging along, I looked down to asses the damage. Looking down to see if I could find the problem…how much actual sand was there in my vagina?

Wait a second…wait just a second. My wheel was spinning crazy sauce…Elyse spotted the spoke that snapped. When the spoke broke the wheel came out of true. I couldn’t tell you if it got worse over time or if it was that out of true when the spoke broke. It was crazy out of true…crazy. It was rubbing the brakes for about half of each tire rotation. Why did it take me this long to look at my rear wheel for an answer to the suffering?

Hating bike shops like I do….oh and how I do…I decided that I could fix this myself. A week later I got the nerve to get off my ass and try it. I went to a local bike shop that is mostly cool, Cycle U, to get my new spoke. On the way home I stopped at Home Depot to buy components needed to build a wheel truing stand. I found this cool video on YouTube and went from there. I spent under $6.00 and built something truly functional and wonderful.

It works…like a mother fucker. Soooooooooo good! My wheels are truer than I.

Kick ass!


5 responses to “The Doraline Complex

  1. Having even one thing out-of-true in your life really sucks. Getting it back in true for $6.00???? Priceless!!!

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