Oregon Scenic Bikeways: High Desert

I love riding Oregon. There. I’ve said it.

Truth is, I love riding anywhere with these two. Not too long ago a solo ride was the ultimate bliss. But no longer. Now it’s all about the family ride, and it’s truly wonderful. No need to want more…I’ve got it.

Scenic Bikeway to Smith Rock State Park

Oh, Oregon…how I love riding my bike on your scenic bikeways. There’s an outstanding website, Ride Oregon, where you can plan a ride anywhere in Oregon, even if it’s your first visit…as it was ours! The site itself is pretty granola sexy, and easier to understand than the incessant need to over patchoulize.

This was our first, safe, attempt using info from that granola sexy website. It took us here. I think it’s pretty safe to say these guys are on to something sweet. As far as I know, there is not one WA. We need one in Washington…stat! Oh and I do mean ‘stat’…emphatically so!

Smith Rock State Park at dusk

The best way I’ve found to discover a new place on bike is by doing biking events. No matter the size of the event, you know there’s going to be at least one other person out there doing it with you. There’s also usually a cue sheet and/or map available at the start. Plus Dan Henry‘s (or other road marking style) grace the pavement of every event I’ve done. You don’t have to think about the route, nutrition (usually), or even when to take breaks. For a medicated guy like me, it’s a win win. I love biking events, and I love supporting a good cause…but those events aren’t free, and even the in-expensive ones add up.

Scenic Bikeway to Sisters

The ride Oregon site took care of the route including nice cue sheets and maps. The restaurant listing, however, was a little misleading… No matter, being masters of the high desert, we survived and thrived.

High desert.


9 responses to “Oregon Scenic Bikeways: High Desert

  1. Awesome post!! Love the photos as usual but really, really love that you are s happy. My dreams are fulfilled!!!


    And Marti’s pretty damn cute too!!!

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