Sleepy Warm Light Dog Love


In my previous post, I wrote about the night, the sounds, the chill, and the sunrise. The two best times to shoot photos outside is dawn and dusk for the amazing glow of light without the squinting smiles that you get in the mid-day sun. Dusk and dawn exist as these magical times for photography…where light is not something to be managed or manipulated, but simply something to be captured and absorbed.

Since Elyse and Marti were asleep when the sun rose, I woke the dogs and urged them outside. This was dawn for crying out loud! When do I see the dawn? Not very often since leaving the life of all night binge drinking…er, playing gigs. Although I want to return to the life of gigging, the binge drinking will remain a thing of the past.

I’m not opposed to all night drinking, I love it. There’s just no way I can take care of Marti while feeling like shit following a night of hard-drinking. Of course there are other reasons…primarily the profound impact that heavy drinking has on my bipolar. Who wants to go on a manic adventure with me? Or how about a journey through the depression quagmire?

Mania and depression are a reality for me…that’s never going to change. Drinking doesn’t make me bipolar, nor does a lack of sleep…they just help to keep things cycling at a dizzying rate. This dawn following a night primarily void of sleep was no exception. Cycle…it’s not just for bikes. Wait a second…this is supposed to be about the sunrise and my beautiful dogs.

So I roused the dogs and took them outside to capture the canyon dawn glory. They were sleepy…very sleepy. They spent much of the time trying to go back inside for more sleep. You can practically see the exhaustion in their faces.

I don’t care that they were less than pleased about the hour and situation. Look at these pictures!!! I should’ve woken up Elyse and Marti…oh wait, I did…a bunch. Perhaps I should’ve taken them outside for some sunrise zest. Oh wait…I did think about it…the idea crossed my mind…bouncing around up there like a ping-pong ball running the red cup rim. In the end, I considered and thought better of it.

But still…those beautiful women in my life would’ve been downright angelic in this early morning glow. At least this giant coyote thing was there…the dogs were pleased as well.

It was a beautiful sunrise and I’m glad I was able to enjoy it and coerce the dogs into joining me. There’s something about a sunrise that leaves me with a sense of the world at my feet. At sunrise all possibilities exist at once, and I have the power to explore them all. There’s an omnipotence that comes with watching cosmic wonders like a sunrise or set, a moonrise or set, or simply the past hanging as points of light in the nighttime sky. It’s as if by watching and absorbing things beyond this world, I begin to exist outside this world.

Regardless…look at the light…so good. Hey sunrise! Thanks for having me.



7 responses to “Sleepy Warm Light Dog Love

  1. Misha looks beautiful in an unhappy dog sort of way. Cohen elegant as always. The writing . . . . excellent!!!

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