Crickets sing your canyon song.

The sounds are exhilarating. The agonizing whine of the breeze sifting its way through the chains of a disc golf basket scares the ghosts right under the skin. A steady grinding crunch amidst the nose’s sniff follows the dogs as they continue to check the perimeter. Above it all, above even the unwanted vehicular transmissions, there’s a sound so potent in its intoxication that my ears vibrate…in their entirety. Inside deep, shallow, in the creepy curves, throughout those abused lobes, behind where the corn grows, and out my temples.

Oh, but wait. There’s another sound. A very powerful and embracing sound…one steady breeze through the canyon. It’s the sound of jets, but prettier. Ah…then the baskets share their pain once more. A rustle. A spook. And the dogs are on patrol again. You better believe they bring the crunch grind to this party.

A real plane breaks the serene, the first I’ve noticed, and I’m reminded how much of a gap between a canyon breeze and a jet, but pretty. Nothing against modern marvels. I’m sure you all know I’m a big fan. Just…not right now, not right here.

If I slow my thoughts down enough I can start to pick up that one great sound. Forcing my mind to slow itself enough for the exhilaration to continue. A breeze…there’s that canyon breeze again.

I don’t know how Elyse finds these places, but I’m glad she does. I don’t even really know where we are…other than central Oregon. The directions said something like, “drive down into the canyon…”, so we did and wow. She has a knack for finding the best places. We’re here in the canyon. I’m sitting on the cabin’s porch feeling moved and wooed by the blue moon. Oh yeah, it moves me. Elyse and Marti are asleep in the cabin, while the dogs protect me out here. And, if you didn’t catch it, there’s Frisbee golf out front!

It was a long drive, took us all day to get here. We took the long way, and took our time on top of that. No schedule this weekend, just us. It was pretty warm when we got here, but it is down right titties out here now. That’s how the weather should be when we’re away, warm during the day and cool at night. Before we left, Elyse was wondering about the weather. I looked it up earlier and offered my findings, “No rain, winds 9-13 WNW.”

“What about the temperature?”

I didn’t have an answer for her. Truth is, I didn’t check. All I was doing was determining the need for rain gear, and how much of a factor wind would be. Temperature? Nah.


3 responses to “Crickets sing your canyon song.

  1. It’s morning now. I’ve watched the full moon set and the sun has just started to rise. I had previously said ‘cool nights’, but what I meant to say was ‘holy fucking titties it is COLD’…er…it’s a brisk 43*.

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