Cavalcade Crashing: Part II

The first round of pics from the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade as seen in the Part I to this Part II focused on my family. This time it’s all about the bikes and people we were fortunate to be surrounded by.

This is Davey Oil. He’s the real deal. He taught the bike repair class I took at Bike Works. Such a FANTASTIC class. He posted a blog with more pics…even some of us! Definitely check out his great blog, Riding on Roadways.

This is a Conference Bike. The people at Dutch Bike Co in Seattle rent this out. Perhaps you need one for you next big event…

It seats 7. It weighs more than I do…by a lot.

It’s the coolest bike I’ve yet seen. I don’t know what else to say about it.

You can see our bikes dwarfed next to that MASSIVE TWO WHEELED BEAST! I’d like to take it into battle.

But there were other cool as shit bikes, too! Next time I’m gonna take more pictures of these cool bikes. SOOOOOOOO cool.

I don’t even know how to describe this bike, but it is awesome. My favorite feature is the fork mounts on the back. Remove the front wheel and mount your fork onto the back of that awesome bike.

Look at that beauty. Baby seat plus bars for an older child. There’s a cargo/family bike in my future. I don’t know how far out it is, but it’s there. Maybe I’ll alter my bike and build it DIY style. Maybe I’ll buy a frame and build it from there. Maybe we’ll sell Marti for a pair of cargo bikes…his and her, if you will. I think we’ll pass on that option…

…for now.


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