Cavalcade Crashing: Part I

So…we kinda rode in the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade over the weekend. That’s not our neighborhood, but we didn’t let that stop us.

Marti’s can do attitude was pretty flãrgën awesome as it proved to be the difference maker when all was said and done. But…isn’t that how it always is with her?

Marti’s trailer was transformed into mini Further. Elyse elegantly turned her bike into a White Winged Dove homage (sorry there isn’t a better pic of it). My bike didn’t get much attention, however the kite we attached to my helmet was well received.

Our attire a nod to the Merry Pranksters. We had so much fun.

We are only scratching the surface of family biking. It is so wonderful. I love riding with Elyse and Marti. I get so excited thinking about the years and years of fun bike shit we’re going to do together. Tingly!

Thanks for letting us crash your parade! Big thanks to Bike Works for making it possible, we wouldn’t have known about it without them.


5 responses to “Cavalcade Crashing: Part I

  1. Totally cool!!! or as we used to say in the 60s: Cooooollllll Man!
    Elyse is beautiful is the African shirt and Marti is adorable as ever. You were over the top (in a totally awesome way) with the great kite and tutu!!!

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