An inside look: the lazy daze of eSTeePee haze.

I’m gonna give you a peek behind the curtain. A glimpse into something that amateur cyclists all over the region don’t want you to see. A look inside Pandora‘s lunchbox…it’s a My Little Pony lunchbox…if the details excite you.

You have been led to believe the STP is a monumental physical feat not for the faint of heart. The ultimate test of mental resolve and character drive towards a victory that isn’t easily achieved. A life changing test of who you really are…and what you make yourself of.

You might have been led astray.

We might have been the ones doing the leading.

What do you want me to say? I like beers and naps just as much as the next guy…at least just as much as these two guys!

Here I pretend to stretch, but years of watching boring baseball games has left me with mad MLB caliber nut scratching skills…so I lounge and scratch, lounge and scratch…!

There’s nothing else quite like it on the planet. Thank goodness.

In fairness to Tom and Chris…I had the camera and took the opportunity to exploit fatigue. We all napped, “recovered”, equally…although only Tom did any drinking at the mid-point. And he got snockered! Wait…that might’ve been Chris and I that drank the beers while Tom abstained…too foggy to remember! You know what the square folks say… What happens at Centralia College…will most often go down on your permanent record…and that may not excite you.

Anyzulu, that ain’t no joke. What a relaxing weekend. I’m telling you, it’s the Club Ped of the Pacific Northwest.


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