Let’s hear it for the Sag Hag Dream Team!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you the girls behind the boys…the Sag Hags.

Elyse and Lorien worked tirelessly to make life as easy as possible for the boys when not in the saddle. To say we couldn’t have done it without them is no overstatement. Sure the ride might’ve happened, but there’s no way it would’ve been this relaxing or fun. All stresses and items of an anxious nature were removed from the equation, truly making the entire time off the bike a time of comfort, relaxation, and most importantly, recovery.

Even the discovery of the accidental resetting of Tom’s bike lock combination at 6:00 in the morning was barely a blip on the radar of 3 sore, tired, and stressed out fellas. Okay, maybe just 2!

No matter the miles, day, mood, or hunger level…Lorien and Elyse were there to support our team and help guide us into victory. My heart is full. Thank you both, thank you so very much. This team of ours was an amazing machine of pure bad ass on all fronts. I couldn’t have imagined a more successful weekend for our team. Known by a few names, this team of ours will always live in my heart as Team Greatness. I promised it from the beginning, and all 5 of us delivered.

Fucking greatness.

Thank you, team. Thank you, sag hags.

Fucking greatness.


4 responses to “Let’s hear it for the Sag Hag Dream Team!!!

  1. Amen to that… hip hip hooray for the home team! Extended to the parents who took care of your litte peeps as well!

    PS – excuse my stupidity but what does sag hag stand for?

  2. “SAG” (most commonly written in all uppercase) may derive from a rider “sagging” off the back of the group, or it may be an acronym (or a backronym) for “Support And Gear” or “Support Aid Group.”

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