Helmet replacement…could be worse.

So…why am I replacing my helmet? I figure for the same reason as many other cyclists…
fall down
go bonk.

We were on a great ride through rolling hills and hidden turns last Saturday. I took a turn while going ~20mph and took my eye off the road long enough to hit a patch of gravel. I landed a few feet from my bike. I have minor cuts and bruises on my left side from my knee up to my shoulder, with my elbow and helmet taking the brunt of the fall.

Other than being a little sore and lugging around a nagging headache, I really made it out ahead of the game. Another healthy reminder to maintain focus…and perhaps to take blind turns a little slower. But where’s the fun in that?

Here’s the view from the outside  impact…not too much to see.

The view from the inside tells rest of the story. I didn’t realize it was this bad until after the ride when it became clear that the skin was the only thing keeping those broken pieces  from falling off. Crazy.

You may notice that there are just a few days remaining until the STP. My heart is a fluttering concerto of pain and anxiety. My head? My head is a bad mother…shut your mouth! I will not! My head is a bad mother fucker, and this is the absolute perfect environment for my head to thrive in. Gotta go back to Plato once more:
“For one to conquer oneself is the first and noblest of all victories!”…speaking of bad mother fuckers.

The battles rage on inside this recently shaken cranium leaving my skull littered with the blood and carnage from months of grueling battle. Drink it up. Bathe in it. Only a few days remain before the final battle is waged…when I finally take that first noble victory and claim it as my own.


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