Safety in the rain, big truck love.

During our week of adventure with our pals LL & B, we stumbled upon some sort of safety fair going on at the Museum of Flight. Marti was pumped!

It was a heavy dose of grumbling “ohs”, Martivane declarations, and don’t forget Scquealy Squeals McSquealerson, who was sure to share some squeals of savory delight once we entered the land of super sized, super special giant rescue vehicles. That was until she saw that people were actually getting in these monsters…it was then that my daughter turned into Adventure Monster. She ran up to a line of people in front of a fire truck, pushed her way through to the door, and started to climb on in, be damned what the crowds shouted. I grabbed her just in time…just in time to wait in line.

From the engine front seat to the back seat of the ladder, she could not get enough of these behemoths. Notice anything adorable?

Oh yeah…there’s 2 somethings adorable! Give a kid a fire person’s hat and let cute ooze…brilliant work.

Of course, make two kids hold hands and that’s pretty flärgèn cute even without the hats!


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