Pointe Vane Tractor Pull

Today Marti and I took off on an impromptu adventure to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. We are members (thank you Grandma Stevie!) and go there quite often. Marti enjoys herself each time we go, but she gets more and more into it with every visit. This morning was no exception.

There was little to prepare me for her love of the tractor. We saw all the amazing animals, that she couldn’t stop gushing over, but when it came time for the tractor…oh boy, we gotta tree shaker! When asked if she was ready to get down, she replied a hearty “oh, hell no!”

But wait…we can touch the animals, too??? She jumped in like a bucket-list out of an airplane. Until… The sheep were loved while the goats instilled utter terror. But the sheep were, how should I say, a little uneasy of her…so no touchy.

Much to the delight of myself and many onlookers, Marti was overflowing with squeaks, squeals, and supplementary sonically striking silly sounds. It didn’t matter where we were or what we were looking at, she was letting the world know how cool she thought it was…from the buses in the parking lot to the kettle corn vendor. Ok…I’m lying, the kettle corn vendor got more love and attention from Marti than I’ve ever seen before. Ever. No shit.

Today Marti introduced me to the Martivane…a new strength in the form of a sub-persona where she stops like a statue pointing to the direction she wants to walk. No sound. No movement. Standing. Pointing. Like a weather vane. We’re walking, we’re walking…she’s stopping and pointing. We went into the petting zoo 3 or 4 times before the hunger of the mighty Martivane was satisfied. Luckily the old man zoo volunteer didn’t remember us any of the times – even the time we walked directly from the exit to the entrance – so we got to hear the whole goats, sheep, soap, water, pigs, mantra each time the Martivane struck.

Damn you Martivane!!!! No…not really, it’s cute as hell.


5 responses to “Pointe Vane Tractor Pull

  1. can’t wait to experience the Martivane… sounds like you both had a grand adventure. thanks for sharing it with us

  2. Just like the Martivane I had to come back again. These photos and the blog are a pure delight for me. Love it.

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