Just try to remain wordless…

Sure, I know that it’s Wednesday, and folks love going wordless. I’ve always had trouble keeping up with the status quo…not that I like smelling my own farts or talk with my eyes closed. No…nothing like that. Let’s just say that best laid plans rarely ripen into edible fruitness…if you know what I mean.

Now this, however, gets my blood pumping in all sorts of manners…all sorts. Good…real good.

This sensual doughnut is from the Lucky Devil Doughnut Truck. That’s marshmallow and Oreos atop that doughnut. Go ahead…just try to stay wordless.

You’d have to ask E, but I’m fairly certain it was killer.


3 responses to “Just try to remain wordless…

    • The sugar content makes it real easy to burn those pounds off almost instantly after consuming it…in the sugariest of manners. (I took care of the mis-posting)

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