All together now…dingdog!

We went out for some family fun this afternoon in the shape of a bike ride around Alki. We took a break at the statue of liberty. Marti stole our water…all of it. She tried getting our Shot Bloks, too!

She rides in her iBert with her little hands on my handlebars. It only took passing one person using the bell to set her off in a frenzy. Here we are, coasting down the bike path…ding!…ding!…ding!ding!ding!ding!…dog!…dog!…dog!…ding!ding!ding!ding!ding! ding!



She also enjoys looking down every so often. She’ll lean over to look down at the road zipping by…first on one side, then the other. It’s fun.

It’s a lot of fun. Ding!


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