Saddle Sore Suckage Galore

Here’s a story…of a lovely saddle.

My bike has never really fit how I wanted it to, or really how I needed it to. There was too much fatigue in areas where there shouldn’t be fatigue…such as arms, shoulders, butt, back…you get the idea. Pretty much everywhere should feel good. So I finally made my way into Cycle U, a local shop specializing in education, but also has a great service department. In fact, the service department there won’t make you feel like an asshole. Sad to say that in Seattle, there are plenty of bike shops around to make you feel like an asshole. But Cycle U is different, each and every time.

So I got my bike fitted and along with it got this expensive new saddle. The shape, size, and construction promised to be light years ahead of the stock saddle I was riding before. In the end, it wasn’t the saddle for me, as I knew it might not be. Then I had a big spill on a ride and the saddle didn’t survive.

It was a crushing blow that took nearly a week to remedy. I can’t express the amount of guilt I felt after breaking this brand new $120 saddle. Of course, I threw away my earlier super shitty, although structurally sound saddle. I think I only logged about 200 miles on it before it’s untimely demise. As with most things, returns of broken items aren’t generally accepted. I completely understand, total drag to be sure, but I understand.

Eventually I got a new saddle. One that I’ve wanted since I started riding a bike. A saddle that makes me drool on site. That’s right, folks…I got a Brooks saddle. Holy shit, I had no idea how well a saddle could feel. And I’m not anywhere near the broken in point either. Things are looking up. Life just got a little better. I’m ready to get back on and ride once more.

But before I can really move on, I have to make peace with the broken saddle, the spill, and the shit ton of money that was thrown away. It was a big spill. It hurt like hell. It was at the halfway point. It was cold and raining while my ass sat on a saddle that it shouldn’t be sitting on. Yet I finished. I finished strong. I was in the first group to return to the beer garden for the after party. Seems to me like something to celebrate.

My first trophy. That’s right, I earned it.

Rise, rinse, and repeat.


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